Allied Health Professionals

We know that patients and professionals value a team-based approach to care. We believe this approach affords the best opportunity to provide high quality, complete care to patients. Additionally, this approach gives more patients to seek care in the primary health care system.

What is Primary Care?

Primary Care provides patients with basic, non-specialized healthcare. It is the point of entry into Ontario’s health care system. It is where patient health care needs or concerns are first evaluated. A patient’s family doctor acts as a leader of this care, and works with other professions to provide team-based care.

Our Allied Health Professionals

Mental Health Clinicians: these professionals provide patients with short-term counselling for a multitude of issues such as anxiety, depression, or any psychosocial stresses. At PFHT, our Mental Health Clinicians lead some of the group programs such as Mindfulness, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. A few of our Mental Health Clinicians also work in the Trans Care Clinic to provide patients with counselling support.

Nurse Practitioners (NP): the uniquely trained nurses have advanced practice skills and work closely with your family doctor to meet your health care needs. NPs are able to: perform many different assessments, immunize and vaccinate, conduct physical examinations, order medical tests, diagnose & treat some illnesses, diseases, infections, and injuries, and much more.

Pharmacists: at PFHT, our pharmacists work with your family doctor for many different reasons. They may review your medications to simplify what you take, ensure medications can be taken together, and educate you on how to manage or prevent side effects of medications. Additionally, many PFHT pharmacists help to operate the INR clinics that assist patients on blood thinning medications.

Registered Dietitians (RD): these professionals are highly educated experts in food and nutrition, and are licenced by the College of Dietitians of Ontario. RDs help patients combine nutrition and lifestyle changes into action for better overall health. They help in different areas such as: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, celiac disease, and much more.

Registered Nurses & Registered Practical Nurses: nurses have a key role in the health care system. These professionals work closely with your family doctor and the other allied health professionals to navigate the patient’s health care needs.