At the turn of the millennium, a group of family doctors saw that our local healthcare system was in a crisis. Many patients were not attached to a family doctor and chronic disease (such as diabetes, COPD, heart problems) were on the rise. The local hospital felt a growing stress to support these patients. It became visible to the local family doctors that something had to be done.

The Peterborough family doctors decided to refresh the local system by adding mental health clinicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, registered dietitians and registered nurses into the traditional family practice. This led to other partnerships with local health and social services organization.

Thanks to this, the Peterborough Family Health Team was able to connect 25,000 patients to family doctors. This change also attracted new family doctors to start their own practice in the city and county.

We continue our mission of creating a more integrated system of health care that meets the needs of patients.

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