Mission and Vision


Primary Health Care Services of Peterborough (PHCS) is committed to providing all residents of our community with a high-quality, seamless care experience built upon the foundation of primary care. PHCS will enhance quality of life for residents and health care professionals by leading the development of an integrated and effective health care system.


Primary Health Care Services of Peterborough will:

  1. Provide leadership in the enhancement of primary care through development and support of the Family Health Team and our community partners.
  2. Promote an attractive work environment for physicians, other health professionals, and staff through the provision of administrative support and services to the Family Health Team.
  3. Coordinate access to all health care services in support of a targeted, integrated approach to chronic disease prevention and management.
  4. Invest in the development of Family Health Team through planning, training, education, team building, innovative practice, evaluative research, and advocacy with the funder.
  5. Connect the Family Health Team and other care providers to an information technology infrastructure that supports effective care and quality improvement across the continuum of the patient experience.


  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Trust
  • Excellence

Value Statements

  1. PHCS is committed to a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to primary care. We will support the delivery of care by a range of health care providers working as a team to provide high-quality, comprehensive care.
  2. PHCS is committed to a collaborative health care system. We will provide leadership and advocacy in the development of a responsive, innovative, and accountable health care system.
  3. PHCS is committed to patient-centred care, both in our support for individual provider-patient relationships and in our role as a health system leader. Every patient’s experience will be respectful, without prejudice and built on confidence and trust.
  4. PHCS is committed to ensuring access to primary health care for all our members of our community. We will work to connect community members without access to primary health care to our Family Health Team.
  5. PHCS is committed to creating a health system that meets our community’s needs effectively. We will develop and oversee chronic disease prevention and management strategies and other focused programs of care that integrate the Family Health Team with specialists and other care providers.