Partners in Pregnancy Clinic


Located on the third floor of the Turnbull Medical Building at 170 Simcoe St., Peterborough, the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic (PIPC) is part of the Peterborough Networked Family Health Team.

The philosophy of the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic is to provide family centered care based on respect, collaboration and support, building on the confidence and competence of the mother and her family members.

They provide access to a team of experts who work individually with each patient to meet their specific needs in preparation for pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and newborn stages.

The clinic provides care up to six weeks following delivery in order to address common parenting issues such as breastfeeding, anxiety, infant attachment and newborn baby concerns. They also have a Nausea and Vomiting Clinic, a Threatened Miscarriage Care Plan, Lactation Consultant and Postpartum Support Group. They are a depot for the Food Bank and have a Clothing Cupboard for gently used newborn and maternity items. Donations are greatly appreciated.


Team Members

Becoming a Patient

Any patients can be referred to the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic for their maternity and newborn care with any one of the four family physicians at the clinic. Although patients will have a primary physician at the clinic, all four doctors will share a 24 hour call and will be available for all deliveries or emergencies for clinic patients.

The team at the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic will work with the referring family physician to ensure that patient care is guided by the referring physician’s directive.

The following are some of the pregnant patient-care options to consider:

  • Referral for total care upon discovery of pregnancy
  • Referral in the first trimester and shared care of the patient with their family physician up to 24 weeks
  • Referral by 24 weeks for final care and delivery
  • Should patients require the services of the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic Allied Health Practitioners (Dietitian, Social Worker, etc.) prior to transfer of care to the physicians, this can also be facilitated

The following are some of the post-partum patient-care options for the referring physicians to consider:

  • First newborn care visit
  • Post-partum and newborn care up to six weeks
  • Immediate return of patient with newborn to referring family physician for first appointment (within 2-3 days for breastfed babies)

Working with their on-site team, the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic can provide patients with extended care up to six weeks after birth to address common parenting issues such as difficulty breastfeeding, anxiety, post-partum mood disorder and newborn baby concerns. Ideally, patients will return to their family physician as confident mothers with healthy, happy babies.

If you are a patient, physician or other health-care provider and have more questions about PIPC, please contact us at You can also visit the official Partners in Pregnancy website at


Other Information

Deliveries are done by our physicians at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, 1 Hospital Drive Peterborough on W6.

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Labour and Delivery direct line 705-876-5036

Women in labour enter the hospital through the Emergency Room.

Go directly to the Registration Desk. Do not wait in line to see the Triage Nurse.

They will direct you to a patient elevator to bring you to the 6th floor.  Walk straight ahead to the entrance and use the buzzer to enter.

The inpatient unit for mothers and babies is A6. These are secured units for your safety. Your baby will have a security tag at all times.  Cell phones may be used throughout the hospital.