I am a Patient

Be an active participant in your health care.

  • Seek care from your family physician and team first. We are here to help.
  • Come prepared with your health card, questions and a medication list to each visit.
  • Cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend.
  • Ask your physician or nurse practitioner if one of our specialized programs is right for you.

Why should you seek care from your own team?

  • Your team knows you and your family best!
  • Your team knows your medical history and all providers have access to your medical record.
  • You get the ‘right care’ from the ‘right provider.’
  • You avoid extended waiting in the Emergency Department; save the Emergency Department for emergencies.
  • Walk-in and day clinics are not your best options. If you go:
    • the health care provider won’t know your medical history;
    • important medical information will be missing from your records; and
    • the government will charge your family physician for the cost of your visit.