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Peterborough Health Link

Ontario is improving co-ordination of care for high-needs patients such as seniors and people with complex conditions through the creation of the Peterborough Health Link in Peterborough.

One of 19 across the province to be initially rolled out, this new Health Link is resulting in greater collaboration and co-ordination between a patient’s different health care providers as well as the development of personalized care plans. This will help improve patient transitions within the system and help ensure patients receive more responsive care that addresses their specific needs with the support of a tightly knit team of providers.

Three Peterborough Health Link improvement teams are developing and implementing ideas to provide better care for local residents. To visit the Peterborough Health Link website, please click HERE

For more information on Health Links across the province, please click HERE
To view an presentation that was shared at a provincial Health Link education event, please click HERE

The Peterborough Health Link is being coordinated by the Central East CCAC and additional members include representatives from:

The work in Peterborough is aligned with the larger provincial objective that will see each Health Link measure results and develop plans to improve access to family care, reduce avoidable ER visits and re-admission to hospitals, reduce referral time to a specialist and improve the patient’s overall experience through the health care system. Health Links are part of the our government’s Action Plan for Health Care, by delivering faster access and a stronger link to family health care, and providing the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

If you have any questions, please email the Central East LHIN at