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Our province is working to improve the coordination of care for high-needs patients who have many health conditions and see multiple health care providers to manage their health.

In December 2012, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) released its Action Plan for Health Care. This report highlighted the need for more patient-focused and coordinated care. With this, Health Links was born!

What is a Health Link?

Health Links is an idea where all the key healthcare providers who are involved in a patient’s care are connected through the use of a tool called a Coordinated Care Plan. This plan allows all the key players at the table know what care this patient is receiving, and keep the main people such as your family doctor in the know with the services the patient receives.

Who is a High-Needs Patient?

Patients who may be living with multiple health conditions and require care from many providers may be considered a Health Links patient and require the use of a Coordinated Care Plan. When a patient has a Coordinated Care Plan, the transitions between one doctor’s office to the next will become easier as everyone is now “in the loop” and the care patients receive will become more responsive. Each one of these plans are personalized and ensures the patient receives the best quality of care possible.

Peterborough Health Link Representatives:

Currently, the Peterborough Health Links’ is being coordinated by XXXX. Other members include:

  • Peterborough Family Health Team
  • Peterborough Regional Health Centre
  • VON 360 Clinic – a Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic
  • Community Care Peterborough
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge
  • And many more!

More Information:

Click on the following web links to learn more about Health Links:

If you have any questions about Peterborough Health Links, please contact the Central East Local Health Integration Network. CLICK HERE for email.