Welcome Home Program

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“Recent Ontario data shows that about 5 percent of Ontarians are utilizing two thirds of the available health care resources.”

“Another recent study reports that 75% of seniors with complex needs who are discharged from hospital receive care from six or more physicians and 30 % get their drugs from three or more pharmacies.”

When patients access family health care, they stay healthier, get connected to the right care and are less likely to require treatment in hospital. This is especially true for our seniors and those with complex chronic conditions who often require more assistance.

(Health Quality Ontario)

The Welcome Home Program is a result of the Peterborough Health Links initiative.

The Welcome Home Program Will Help To Ensure:

  1. Patients receive a follow up appointment with the family physician or a nurse practitioner within 7-14 days of discharge, if appropriate. We will be contacting your offices with patient hospital admission information and planned discharge dates to ensure your patients being discharged have a timely appointment.
  2. Family practice is offered support, where requested with complex patients who have multiple complex chronic conditions and have difficulty accessing office appointments (home visits if required).
  3. Coordinated Care Plans (CCPs) and medication reconciliation is provided as needed.
  4. An ultimate goal of fewer patients readmitted to hospital within 30 days of discharge.

Place the patients and their caregivers at the centre of their care
Ensure the right care, at the right time, and in the right place
Enhance patient experience and promote more positive, healthier outcomes

***It will require a COLLABORATED EFFORT of ALL those involved to ensure complex patients receive the follow up care and information they need. WE are here to help!