Physician Opportunities


The City & County of Peterborough offer diverse opportunities for physicians. Whether you prefer practicing in a large clinic located in our city or a smaller practice in our rural community; Peterborough has it all.

The Family Health Team Model

In spring 2005, the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care announced Peterborough’s success to become a Family Health Team (FHT). Compared to other FHTs we are in the unique position that majority of our primary care physicians belong to one of our five Family Health Organizations (FHO).

As each FHO is part of our one FHT, they have access to the many talented allied health professionals that include nurse practitioners, mental health clinicians, registered dietitians and pharmacists.


Primary Care Physicians wishing to increase their annual compensation would see that the opportunities in Peterborough far surpass the average compensation of primary care physicians in other parts of the province.

To learn more about the FHO model, visit Health Force Ontario: Family Practice Model (link).

Additional Information

If you wish to receive further information about the current opportunities or learn what our community has to offer to physicians, please contact Lori Richey at