Spousal & Family Opportunities

Spousal Employment & Family Relocation Program

The Physician Recruitment Program makes every attempt reasonable to assist in finding opportunities for employment. It is an area that sometimes can be challenging due to the economic conditions of our times. However, with a very well established network of contacts within the community there is always optimism that an individual will be able to find meaningful work in their areas of interest.

For those spouses or partners who prefer to engage themselves in the community through volunteer work, Peterborough provides every opportunity for individuals to use their time, talent and skills in a meaningful way. The percentage per capita of people who volunteer in Peterborough has been consistently rated among the highest in the Province of Ontario.

In addition, our Recruitment Program is equipped to make your move to the area as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We are able to help with real estate needs, legal services, moving services, financial services and a variety of other related needs.

However, once here we also have in place the resources to ensure that your whole family feels comfortable and is regularly supported as you develop your own circle of friends and knowledge of the area. Our program has an identified list of medical practitioners willing to be informal mentors for the physician of the family for as long as needed. And, for other members of the family, particularly a spouse or partner we have individuals within our community willing and quite capable of ensuring that there is as much support as desired.