Directions for Success


As a provincial health care leader and community partner, the Peterborough Family Health Team coordinates and empowers family practice-centred multidisciplinary teams to provide high quality, evidence-based, primary care to meet the needs of all residents of Peterborough County.


A leader in the delivery of collaborative family medicine serving the residents of Peterborough County.

Core Values

The organization’s core values reflect what is truly important to its people. These are not values that change from time to time, situation-to-situation or person-to-person, but rather they are the underpinning of the FHT’s organizational culture and approach to the design and delivery of primary care in our community.

High-Quality –We are committed to high-quality patient-centred care and seek to ensure that every patient’s experience is respectful, Care without prejudice and built on confidence and trust. We believe that patient well-being is a shared responsibility between primary care providers and patients.

Universality – The health and well being of all residents in our region motivates everything we do.

Trust – We build trust with, and among our employees, health professionals, partners, and patients by listening, respecting diverse opinions, valuing their unique contributions, and delivering on our commitments.

Collaboration – We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care – with our team members and partners – leads to better patient outcomes and a more positive experience for patients and professionals alike.

 Innovation – We seek opportunities to advance best practice in our programs, services, and processes. We value professional development and learning as driver or quality.

Transparency & Accountability We act fairly, ethically, and openly in all that we do.

Guiding Principles:

PFHT’s five guiding principle reflect the values and shape the organizations actions:

1 – Relationships: We focus on building strong relationships to support everything we do – on our teams, with our partners and with our patients. We believe that the relationship between primary care providers and patients is the foundation of high-quality patient-centred care.
2– The patient experience: We believe that the patient experience is influenced by the sum of all of their interactions with primary care.  We engage our patients, seeking to understand their experience to improve the delivery of primary care.
3 – Inclusive, Community Focus: We collaborate and partner with others to leverage our collective strength to provide seamless care to all residents of our community.
4 – Strong Leadership: We focus on effective, forward-thinking leadership in the governance and administration of our organization.
5 – Responsible Stewardship: We are responsible and accountable for the financial resources allocated to us and for the trust our residents place in us.

Key Directions for Success

  • Lead locally and provincially through collaboration and integration.
  • Meet the diverse needs of all the residents of our community.
  • Enhance team-based patient-centred care.
  • Support primary care delivery through organizational effectiveness.