Directions for Success


A healthy and thriving Peterborough and surrounding community.


Together with our residents and partners, our team delivers and facilitates inclusive primary care services to heal, empower, and support those we care for.


Our Values represent the culture, norms, and attitudes that we want to see reflected throughout our workplace. Our goal is for each individual who walks through our doors (whether they are a patient, a resident, a staff member, or physician) to live and breathe these Values, through our everyday interactions and work. We will live these words through our actions.

Respect: We will hold the individuality and expertise of others in high regard, embrace diversity and support each other in the work we do.

Integrity: We will serve our community in an ethical and reliable manner, with high professional standards.

Compassion: We will empower others through explicit expressions of empathy, sensitivity and understanding.

Trust: We will be dependable and honest in our actions, with a focus on what matters most to each individual we serve.

Teamwork: We will leverage our team to accomplish our work effectively and efficiently together, drawing on our collective strengths.

Innovation: We will approach our work with creativity, identifying new ways of doing things that work better for us and those we serve.

Strategic Priorities:

Our Strategic Priorities reflect the most important areas of focus for the Peterborough Family Health Team and its partner physician practices over the next four years. They are:

Team Well-being: Our team members are critical to care delivery, and evidence shows a happy team delivers better care, and their patients have improved outcomes. We are committed to investing in our team’s well-being and ensuring they have the required support, training and resources to deliver the best care possible.

High-quality Patient Care: Providing residents with the best possible care is what our team strives to do each and every day, and is at the core of everything we do. We must stay apprised of the changing needs in our community and ensure our services are adaptable to meet patient’s current and future needs. We must also evolve our care.

Integrated Care Delivery: For the Peterborough Family Health team and its partner physician practices to be successful, it is critical that we are open to working together and collaborating with other health care providers. We must work to eliminate the silos which currently exist between providers so that residents are more frequently linked to the health and social care services for their needs.

Effective Connections and Communications: To be successful and maximize the effectiveness of our resources, it is critical that we communicate effectively regarding the services we provide, and those that others provide that are relevant for our residents.

Operational Excellence: Peterborough Family Health Team prides itself on our track record of solid financial status and we will work to continue this recognition moving forward.