Build Your Own Practice from PFHT List

June 24th, 2019

Peterborough City and County are on the under serviced list of communities and as such we are currently seeking Primary Care Physicians who are interested in building a practice from our unattached patient list as part of one of our five Family Health Organizations (FHO). All  of our FHO’s are part of a large community wide Family Health Team (FHT).  We have a variety of business models and locations within our FHO’s which offer everything from turn key practice sites, to completely independent.

PFHT currently operates two clinics for patients without a regular primary care physicians.  These patients receive comprehensive care in the interim as well as connections to specialists and social supports.

Physicians working in a FHT environment benefit from:

  • access to the expertise and knowledge of a wide range of inter-professional providers to support patients, leading to a more effective use of physician time and improved care for patients.
  • ability to share and optimize overhead costs
  • an avenue to participate in and contribute to system change and transformation
  • ability to work as a team and to share responsibility for patient care
  • access to IT and analytics to improve patient metrics and patient care

Interested candidates can forward their CV to  

or call Frank @ 705-760-0561 for more information.

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