Unattached Patients Seeking Care

If you do not have a family doctor and are looking for care, you can visit one of the two clinics listed below. You are considered an “unattached patient”.

If you do have a family doctor and are looking for care, call your family doctor or visit the Extended Hours Service. You are considered “attached” to a local family doctor.

Clinics for unattached patients

Nurse Practitioner Health Clinic

This clinic is for people without a family doctor and for summer/seasonal residents and visitors. A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced education. They provide personalized, quality health care to patients. Ontario NPs provide a full range of healthcare services to individuals, families and communities.

This is not a walk-in clinic. All patients much make an appointment by calling the office at 705-651-4866.

Masks/face coverings are mandatory in this medical setting.
All patients must make appointments by telephone, or at the NPs discretion.
If you are a seasonal resident, cottager or visitor and have a family doctor, you must contact your doctor for a virtual or telephone-based appointment.
If you have a doctor, you must contact them or their covering health care provider for care.

Health Clinic Details

You may access this clinic if you are a:
• Seasonal resident/cottager whose family doctor is too far away to provide service;
• Local resident who does not have a family doctor.

Please note, this NP Clinic does not roster patients.
Reminder: If you have a local family doctor you must see them for care.

This clinic does not:

  • Do suturing of lacerations, remove fish hooks, set bones, or do any other minor surgical procedures.
  • Does not complete forms e.g. insurance, driver’s license medicals, disability forms
  • Does not do allergy or other injections, at the discretion of the NP.

The clinic does not provide narcotic or controlled drug prescriptions or renewals.

What the Health Clinic Offers

  • Problem-specific care for seasonal residents/cottagers who need non-emergency support (i.e. an ear infection)
  • Connection to local supports to help manage a range of health care needs

The Health Clinic does not provide narcotic prescriptions or narcotic prescription renewals.

Clinic Details

Hours of Operation:
Monday –  08:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday:  08:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Thursday – 08:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed

150 Strickland Street, Suite 3
Lakefield, ON, K0L 2H0


Coming to an Appointment

• Arrive 30 minutes early to your first appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork
• Bring your health card to every appointment and full medication list

FYI for Patients:

Please take a moment to review our clinic policies to ensure you receive timely and appropriate care.

Peterborough Virtual Care Clinic – closed

We are disappointed to learn that the owner of the Peterborough Virtual Care Clinic has announced its closure.

The Peterborough Family Health Team has provided space for this virtual clinic, owned by the Virtual Family Physician Network, for the last number of years.

At the Family Health Team, it is our mission to provide inclusive primary health care services to all residents in the city and county of Peterborough. As such, we are actively looking at all of our options to support and care for unattached patients. This includes looking for new partnerships or securing funds to operate a clinic.

Patients who are fortunate to have a family doctor can continue to book an appointment with their provider. These patients can also utilize the Extended Hours Service for same day/next day appointments.

Cancer screening information for unattached patients

Early stages of cancer can be difficult to see or feel. Regular screening can find cancers sooner, so you get treatment faster. In Ontario, our core screening programs are free. This is because studies show these tests really do save many lives.

Free cancer screening that is available in Ontario are:

  • breast cancer (mammogram)
  • cervical cancer (PAP test)
  • colon cancer (fecal occult blood test)

Below you will find information on where to get your free cancer screening.

Breast Cancer Screening

If you are a woman age 50 to 74 you can:

  • call your closest Ontario Breast Screening Program location to make an appointment
  • contact your family doctor or nurse practitioner, who can send you for screening

Peterborough Regional Health Centre – (705) 740-8166
The Medical Centre – (705) 876-4505

Cervical Cancer Screening

It’s easy to get tested. Book an appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner. If you are due for a routine check, they will do a Pap test for you.

If you do not have a doctor or nurse practitioner, you can find one through Health Care Connect by calling 1-800-445-1822.

Colon Cancer Screening

A healthcare provider must order an at-home test for you. To get an at-home test, you can:

If you’re at an above-average risk for getting colon cancer, talk to your family doctor or nurse practitioner. You are at a higher risk of colon cancer and should get checked with a colonoscopy. If you do not have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, you can call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-828-9213. If you live in a First Nation community, you can contact your health centre or nursing station.