Message to Mindfulness and MBCT Group Participants

We’d like to let you know that we are thinking of you and all of our Mindfulness and MBCT group participants. We so much appreciated your participation and involvement in the groups and we are deeply sorry that we were unable to complete these programs together under the current circumstances.

We’d also like to share our care and concern for each of you. We are mindful of the importance of self care at this time, not only of our physical bodies but for our emotional, spiritual, whole selves. This may be a good time to remind ourselves that many of the practices we explored in our groups, including mindfulness of the breath and body, the mountain meditation, sitting or walking practice, and the body scan can be helpful ways to ground ourselves and to come back to the present moment when our thoughts carry us away to fearful, anxious places.
Our mindfulness practice, including those moments of mindfulness that we can weave into our everyday activities, is not about denying or trying to push away the reality of the issues we are facing individually or collectively at this time, but it can allow us to come back to the present moment, to connect with a sense of being all right or okay, just for now. These moments offer us some respite, perhaps some sense of calm and can sustain us through times of difficulty and uncertainty.

We know that it can be hard to sustain your mindfulness practice without the support and structure that the group provided. We’d like to remind you of the recordings provided during the group, and also encourage you to visit the Family Health Team website where you’ll find a link to the Ten Percent Happiness website with some excellent guided meditations to explore.

We know that many of you will be missing the sense of support, connection and care for each other that you experienced in the group. We’d like you to know that we continue to think of you and that in some way whenever each of us practices on our own, or we take a full mindful breath, or simply “let our minds be where our feet are” we are sharing that connection and keeping it alive.

Wishing you warmth and kindness,
Barb, Emmanuelle, Kathy, Rodney, and Sheila

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