Physician Testimonials

With so many reasons to live and work in Peterborough, we decided to ask some of our collaborating primary care physicians as to why they chose this great community.

See what Dr. Nick van der Kamp, with the Greater Peterborough Family Health Organization; Dr. Don Thompson, with the Peterborough Clinic Family Health Organization; and Dr. Colin Matheson, with the Greater Peterborough Family Health Organization have to say!

Why did the Primary Care Physician come to Peterborough? Lets ask them!

My wife and I came to Peterborough to be part of a Family Residency Program that is one of the best in the country. As we loved our training here and fell in love with the community, we knew we wanted to find work in Peterborough when we were finished our training; we feel very fortunate that we were able to. – Dr. Colin Matheson

This is a great size community with the best of both rural and urban settings. Additionally, there is an excellent, supportive medical community. – Dr. Nick van der Kamp

I knew other Medical Doctors (MDs) here and when I came to visit them I saw what a wonderful city it was to raise a family. When an opening became available at the Peterborough Clinic and I was able to see the whole arrangement there, I accepted the position to practice there. – Dr. Don Thompson

When we asked our Primary Care Physicians what it is like to practice medicine in Peterborough, we heard…

It is very enjoyable. There are many opportunities for individuality, referrals to top specialist, who are local, and there are two teaching hospitals within a two-hour drive – great congeniality! – Dr.  Don Thompson

Peterborough has the perfect mix of community (non academic centre) medicine, but with a large enough hospital to have very good specialist access and coverage. There is not much that this hospital and community can’t manage here, but the family doctors are also able to maintain a lot of responsibility of patient management. The doctors are very friends and collegial. – Dr. Colin Matheson

This is a great place to practice medicine and has a supportive medical community. Peterborough is a regional referral centre for communities but it is small enough to know your colleagues and be able to pursue special interests. – Dr. Nick van der Kamp

We know there are perks to working in the Family Health Team model, and our physicians have articulated what their top three benefits are:

Dr. Matheson says:

  1. Access to allied health services for free for patients like counseling, dietetics, pharmacy support, etc.
  2. Sharing after hours coverage is great for patients.
  3. Did I mention how great the free access to counseling is for patients?

Dr. Don Thompson says:

  1. Call coverage
  2. Less work stress
  3. Control of office appointments

Dr. Nick van der Kamp says:

  1. Multidisciplinary team approach to care with exceptional allied health support.
  2. Integrated programs
  3. Funding Model

The City & County of Peterborough have more than a great medical community.

Dr. Nick van der Kamp enjoys mountain biking, canoeing and swimming in his spare time. Living in Peterborough and being 20 minutes from a lake (in any direction) makes this an ideal place to live for those who enjoying being on or in the water.

The Peterborough community is a great place to live and play sports and enjoy some down time. Dr. Don Thompson has taken advantage of this as he enjoys both coaching and playing sports, such as rugby.

As an active person, Dr. Colin Matheson loves to cycle, cross country ski, hike, camp, canoe, play Frisbee, play basketball and play hockey. Since moving to Peterborough he and his wife have gotten to know and love the local restaurants, bakeries and farmers markets!

What does Peterborough have to offer to its residents?

As a classy city, Peterborough has great amenities for residents, good schools, a new hospital, wide range of recreational activities and proximity to all its facilities and entertainment. – Dr. Don Thompson

Peterborough has a great combination of outdoor activities and cultural activities in a beautiful natural setting. – Dr. Nick van der Kamp

It is small enough to avoid traffic and congestion. It is close enough to Toronto to have access to its occasional usefulness. It is surrounded by beautiful outdoors and activities galore. It’s a university and college town, which keeps the restaurants, café’s and culture up to date. If you’re a hippie, or like hippies, or wear any plaid, you’ll fit right in! – Dr. Colin Matheson