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Clinical Support Services

(Referral from family doctor is required)

Clinical Support Services (previously known as Welcome Home) provide a number of services to Family Health Organization patients to ensure good access to care, to bridge care gaps within our community and provide clinical support where needed. They also make sure these services don’t already exist in the Peterborough City & County.

Clinical Support Services (CSS) works in partnership with other community partners (PRHC, CCAC, Kawartha Cardiology, Community Care Peterborough and CMHA) to keep the patient, family doctor and other healthcare providers at the “centre of care,” and ensuring that the patient is surrounded by the programs and services they need for their best health outcome.

The CSS team works diligently to provide the following specific services to our patients:

  • Develop processes for timely (within 7 days) post hospital follow-up appointments for patients with their primary care provider.
  • Develop and track effectiveness of communication processes for 48 hr post discharge newborn appointments with primary care provider.
  • Monitor and assist referred (from FHO clinician/PRHC/Respiratory Rehab/Telehomecare) patients who have CHF or COPD.
  • Track 30 day hospital readmission, for CHF and COPD patients, with a program objective to reduce readmission and increase quality of life.
  • Create ‘Health Links’ care plans to ensure a holistic, seamless healthcare experience for patients.
  • Connect patients to appropriate PFHT programs.
  • Link and navigate patients to existing or new community resources.
  • Work in partnership with PRHC COPD Working Group.
  • Identify gaps in services and inform both internal and external partners of process changes that are needed for patient-centred and high-quality care.

You must be referred by your family doctor or nurse practitioner to use this service. 

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Deprescribing Service

The aim of this service is to help people safely stop or decrease the dose of  medications they no longer need or need less of. These medications may no longer be helpful for people or may even be causing harm. Participants will work closely with a PFHT pharmacist to discuss all the medications they take, how long they’ve taken them, and why they are taking them. 

The pharmacist will work closely with the participants family doctor to create a plan and help people safely stop unneeded medications.

You must be referred by your family doctor or nurse practitioner to use this service. 

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FHT to Quit

Watch the following clip to learn about our FHT to Quit program.

Do you want to quit smoking?

Our team of trained professionals will support you to create an individualized and safe plan to quit smoking that fits with your life. The team will follow up with you regularly to provide coaching and problem solving so that you can reach your goals. You will also learn strategies for quitting and staying quit. Pharmacy aids are reviewed and you may have the option of free nicotine replacement therapy (i.e., patch, gum, lozenges, inhaler, spray) or a prescription medication.

This program may be for you if:

  • You are willing and ready to quit smoking in the next 30-60 days
  • You are willing to work with a pharmacist and a behavioural coach
  • You want support in making a plan to quit
  • You can commit to attending a group session followed by 5-6 visits with the team approximately 2-4 weeks apart
  • You have just been discharged from the hospital and are presently wearing a nicotine patch

This program may NOT be for you if:

  • You are not planning on quitting in the next 3 months or more
  • You have no desire to quit
  • You cannot commit to attending appointments every 2-4 weeks (5-6 visits)

If you are interested in using this service please contact our program office 705-740-8020 ext. 335. You may also register online through the register page.

Do you want to attend but transportation is an issue? For help, please contact our program office.

To watch the FHT to Quit Program Virtual Intake Session click here

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FHT to Quit Connect

Program led by: Mental Health Clinicians

Would you like an opportunity to connect with others on their quitting journey? Have you felt close to a slip or relapse? Or do you want to keep your recovery active?

PFHT is offering a new addition to its group programming – FHT to Quit Connect. This is a support group designed to meet you where you are at, discuss the personal challenges you are experiencing with getting or staying quit, and building on your toolbox of strategies to help you reach your goals.

This group runs the first Friday of each month at 1pm, participants may attend monthly or as needed.

This program may be for you if:

  • Have participated in the FHT To Quit individual program
  • You can sit or stand for 1 hour
  • You can handle emotional situations

This program may NOT be for you if:

  • You are experiencing a life crisis or require urgent mental health service
  • You have a cognitive challenge that would interrupt your ability to learn, remember and practice new material
  • If you have not been involved with the FHT To Quit individual program

*Currently running virtually*

Register HERE

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, September 3, 2021  1:00 – 2:00 pm
  • Friday, October 1, 2021  1:00 – 2:00 pm
  • Friday, November 5, 2021  1:00 – 2:00 pm

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Footsteps to Parenting

Navigate the wonderful, mystifying, and sometimes scary journey of parenting with peers through the Footsteps to Parenting program.

Our Partners in Pregnancy Clinic partners with Peterborough Child and Family Centres to create a support group for new parents with babies under 6 months of age.

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INR Clinic (Anticoagulation)

(Referral from family doctor is required)

If you’re on a blood thinning medication, your blood clotting time (INR) needs to be monitored regularly to ensure that your medication dosage is safe and effective.

In the past, that meant going to a busy blood lab once a week and then waiting for your doctor to get the test results and to contact you if any changes were required.

Now, some of our Family Health Team pharmacists and physicians are working together to provide a convenient, one-stop monitoring program. Specially trained pharmacists use a finger prick blood test that provides immediate results. They can then adjust your medication as required, in minutes rather than days, and in a single appointment.

The pharmacists record all patient visits in an electronic medical record that’s shared with the physician, so that your doctor always knows the status of your treatment.

If you are eligible for this program, your family physician’s office or the pharmacy team will contact you.

This service is sponsored by the GPHSF, Your Family Health Team Foundation. For more information, please email info@peterboroughfht.com

You must be referred by your family doctor or nurse practitioner to use this service. 

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YMCA Exercise Prescription

(Referral from family doctor is required)

This program is a partnership between the Peterborough Family Health Team and the YMCA of Peterborough that promotes the importance of regular physical activity.

Our healthcare providers, such as your family doctor, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian or others may prescribe you to this program if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

What does that mean?

If you spend much time seated, you may have a sedentary lifestyle! This prescription is a free 60 day (two months straight) membership that offers you:

  • a consultation with a trainer to review personal goals
  • insight on activities geared to your interests
  • a tour and demonstration the use of equipment

You must be referred by your family doctor or nurse practitioner to attend this program. 

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