Physician Recruitment

The City & County of Peterborough are on the high needs list!

Peterborough is a unique inclusive location for health professionals to work and live in. With a vast majority of Primary Care physicians working within the Family Health Organization model, situated under one Family Health Team, we are one of the largest Family Health Teams in the province.

We diligently work to support both the physicians and the patients within our local primary healthcare system by fully integrating allied health professionals, collaborating with community organizations and ensuring the health care needs of the patients are met.

Did you know…

  • Peterborough is a Queen’s Residency site, which offers you teaching opportunities and further involvement with the program
  • There is a regional hospital in Peterborough with a full specialist complement to support primary care
  • The Partners in Pregnancy Clinic (PIPC) offers expecting families a unique and supportive environment
  • With the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) we enhance efficiencies in community-based practices allowing us to focus on patient care

There are benefits to working in a Family Health Team model, such as:

  • Access to the expertise and knowledge of a wide range of inter-professional providers to support patients, leading to more effective use of physician time and improved care for patients
  • Ability to share and optimize overhead costs
  • An avenue to participate in and contribute to system change and transformation
  • Ability to work as a team and to share responsibility for patient care
  • Access to IT and analytics to improve practice metrics and patient care