Our Board of Directors is a group of individuals who represent our organization and provide oversight on the work we do.

Board Members:

  • Nathan Baker, Chair
    Lawyer with Barrister & Associates
  • Dr. Bob Neville, Vice-Chair
    Family Doctor with The Medical Centre FHO
  • Matt Holmes, Treasurer
    Accountant with B.D.O.
  • Dr. James Webster
    Family Doctor with Greater Peterborough FHO
  • Dr. Alex Atfield
    Family Doctor with The Peterborough Clinic FHO
  • Dr. Luke Bowley
    Family Doctor with Peterborough Community FHO
  • Dr. Michelle Fraser
    Family Doctor with the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic
  • Dr. Bill Shannon
    Family Doctor with the Chemong FHO
  • Jane McDonald
    Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Duff Sprague (non-voting)
    Chief Executive Officer for Peterborough Family Health Team
  • Chantelle Hart (non-voting)
    Nurse Practitioner & Employee Council representative for Peterborough Family Health Team
  • Sherri Runnalls, Recorder
    Executive Assistant for Peterborough Family Health Team

Other Governance Committees:

The governance committees focus on different operational areas of the organization.